Extensions After Care

Your extensions look fabulous! And they took a lot of effort to get that way. The easy techniques below will help keep them beautiful longer.

Brushing and Combing
To keep your hair extensions looking their best, follow these steps when brushing and combing your hair:

Haircare Products
Your extensions are not connected to your scalp, so they will not get the natural conditioners that your real hair does. Specially developed products for extensions replace the natural conditioners and keep the extensions looking their best. It's important that you use the products that I recommend if you want your extensions to last and look good. If you have any questions about this, call or email me!

Washing and Styling
To get the maximum life from your extensions, take care when washing and styling. Follow the steps below to ensure your extensions always look beautiful.
  1. Sort through your hair and the bonding points on your extensions with your fingers before washing.
  2. Brush your extension strands thoroughly with your special extension brush.
  3. Spread a small amount of Ends Fluid on your extensions - both on the strands and the ends.
  4. Rinse the hair, shampooing from the roots toward the ends.
  6. Rinse the hair from top to bottom.
  7. After washing, always apply your Regeneration Treatment, carefully pressing it in from top to bottom.
  8. Do not massage or rub the Regeneration Treatment into your hair.
  9. Allow the Regeneration Treatment to stay in your hair for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
  10. After washing, gently squeeze you hair with a towel - DO NOT RUB. To style, first blow dry the bonding pieces, then the hair. Extreme temperatures can damage your hair. Do not use curling irons or electric curlers, and keep blow dryers at least 8-inches from your hair.
Beauty Sleep
The easiest way to maintain your extensions while getting your beauty rest is with a satin pillow case! A satin pillow case will keep your hair from matting while you catch a few Z-Z-Zs.   No satin bedding? You can also tie your hair up or put it into a plait before you nod off. This will also keep your extensions from becoming matted or knotted.

Pool Play
Always protect your extension hair with AntiTap spray or End Fluid before swimming. Always tie it up or put it into a plait.  After swimming, let the plait down, thoroughly sorting through the hair with your fingers, and gently dry the bonding points with a towel.

Tidy-Up Cuts
Everyone loses between 80 and 10 hairs every day! This is natural. Normally, your regular brushing removes this loss without issue. With extensions, the naturally falling hairs are kept in the modules by the bonding materials. To keep the roots of your extensions from becoming matted, you need to remove the roots that have fallen. This is done with a Tidy-Up Cut. It's important to have regular Tidy-Up Cuts or removing your extensions can take twice as long.

Have any questions or want more information on your extensions?
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