II use Goldwell products for coloring. Goldwell color products feature innovative technologies which ensure perfect color results without compromising care.   I am constantly taking educational courses for color products. If there's a color you want - I can give it to you!


Gorgeous Color
Face it: Nature didn't give you gorgeous color that lasted past the age of five. But I can.

Come in and consult with me on the color of your dreams. Whether it's soft and natural, reminiscent of your five-year-old days, or wild and bold, I can make you shine!

Maintaining Your Color
Your color is gorgeous! And it took a lot of effort to get that way. Color treated hair will keep the new color only 30-50 days (less for reds!). While you can't expect your color to last much longer, you can extend the life and vibrancy of your color with a little effort.  The easy techniques below will help your color stay more vibrant longer.

The process of changing or enhancing the color of your hair leaves your hair cuticles open. Washing color enhanced hair while the cuticle is open will cause the color to fade prematurely. You should wait 48 hours after your coloring appointment before you wash your hair. This allows the cuticles to close up.

Bye, Bye, Dry
Color treated hair is more prone to dryness, but you can avoid it... Condition! Condition! Condition! Using products specifically formulated for color treated hair, gently run conditioner from roots to ends using your fingers. Leave it on your hair for a few minutes, then comb it through using a wide-toothed comb.  Leave it on a little longer before rinsing thoroughly. For a deeper conditioning, don't rinse it out!

Fading Happens
Color enhancing shampoo or conditioners (those with color tint) will help keep the tones in your new color in better shape between visits.

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